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Music Real Estate is a system in a box made for you to become your own boss and make the money and the life style you desire $$$. With this system you can broker deals and close jobs like a wall street Stock Monster!!

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Global Recorded Music Revenues Grew By $1.4 Billion in 2017!
2017 was a stellar year for the recorded music business. Global recorded music revenues reached $17.4 billion in 2017 in trade values, up from $16 billion in 2016, an annual growth rate of 8.5%. That $1.4 billion of growth puts the global total just below 2008 levels ($17.7 billion) meaning that the decline wrought through much of the last 10 years has been expunged. The recorded music business is locked firmly in growth mode, following nearly $1 billion growth in 2016.
Streaming has, unsurprisingly, been the driver of growth, growing revenues by 39% year-on-year, adding $2.1 billion to reach $7.4 billion, representing 43% of all revenues. The growth was comfortably larger than the $783 million / -10% that legacy formats (i.e. downloads and physical) collectively declined by.  Posted on April 19, 2018
Streaming is responsible for the change!


How would you like to get a small part of that pie? The Music Real Estate System’s   founder Eric Levine was born into music culture. Mr. Levine went from growing up in Brooklyn, NY during the rise of the Hip-Hop era, to deejaying and rocking clubs internationally, to running a successful Internet radio station for nearly 10 years.  In doing this, he realized that there was an untapped market to make money. Living in NYC he always ran into artists that were trying to get their music heard or get their music played on the radio. From the doorman in a fancy Park Ave building, to the Uber driver that picked him up, there was never a shortage of aspiring artist that wanted to be in the music game. In the meantime, Mr. Levine realized that he soon had to make new moves. Mr. Levine and his soon to be wife were getting ready to sell their condo and relocate to the ATL. He learned that selling your home takes time, and finding the right person to sell your home was a very big deal. It was hard to let go and trust someone to sell something you put your heart and soul into. He started to see parallels to the music industry, i.e. there is always a home that needs to be sold, the real estate market will never die, and that agents make a really good commission on each sale. He knew that he found an untapped market that he needed to grab. The world just stopped and everything started moving in slow motion and he new he was suddenly out of the matrix! Mr. Levine had to make sure his thoughts were not crazy. His inner self was saying MUSIC REAL ESTATE over and over! He had to make sure so he called his best friend and told him about his idea.  His friend responded simply by smiling and saying “I never had a millionaire friend.”  The time was now. All he needed was to come up with a good system and to hire “agents” that wanted to make money. He started researching online marketing and how to make money from home. Mr. Levine wanted it to be so easy his agents could make money in their sleep. He gathered 4 people to test his new “Music Real Estate System” out. Within no time, he had them closing deals left and right like Wall Street. Mr. Levine started to make money and so did the agents. Mr. Levine’s dream became a reality! His agents were making money, selling airtime like real estate to plenty of happy, satisfied artists!
Mr. Levine showed them the steps that made them ready to become bonafide MUSIC REAL ESTATE AGENTS… Are you ready to make the money you want while giving artists their own piece of the music landscape?


Start brokering  deals today and make good money. Get in right NOW because this is an untapped market and anyone can do it!!

What skills will need for Music Real Estate!!


Greeting Customers.



Networking on Social networks)

Basic Computer skills

Good people Skills

Appreciation of Music



With Music Real Estate. You have the power to make $150 a day and more by closing deals.

Music Real Estate Testimony

Music Real Estate is a great company that allows you to work in an untapped market. If you’re looking to get into a good business with great people, this is a great opportunity. Music Real Estate is the real deal hands down!

Hello thank you Music real estate  for this amazing opportunity ,very excited for the accomplishments well make this year!

If I can describe what Music Real Estate did for me in one word, Proactive would be the word. The opportunity of being your own boss is exactly what they offered me. In addition to that the teaching that I was given, no public school could have taught . The network is immaculate . We are truly a big family we are always planning get together s when ever possible . When I was working cable before I meet the founder of Music Real Estate my wife and kids complained about my long working hours and still living pay check to pay check. Something had to be done. The process to get singed up was so fast that I was still in doing both jobs with in 48 hours. This is truly an opportunity that should not be passed up.

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