Global Radio

Global Radio (Main focus is Europe, but includes other countries such as US and Canada) Description: This digital delivery service has a global reach where program directors, music directors and radio personnel can preview and download the latest songs impacting at radio (Broadcast Quality Mp3/Wav). This makes it simple and easy for programmers to find records and add them to their selector and discover new product which can lead to possible radio airplay. This leak service is for the following genres only: Top 40, Country, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Adult Contemporary, Jazz and Smooth Jazz. Purpose: This leak is to expose your music to program directors at small market FM and digital radio stations. This also brings awareness to the artist and their music within the radio community. Expectation: You will receive a report every 2 week during the first 8 weeks. A detailed report will list the actual airplay the song received. Fill out the form and MRE Team will hit you back with an Email.