TikTok Viral Influencer Campaign


TikTok was the world's second-most downloaded app in the world. With a staggering 700 million active DAILY users, promoting your music through the app is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

With clients like Travis Scott, Lykke Li, and The Chainsmokers, MUSIC REAL ESTATE’ TikTok campaigns get popular creators to create content around your music. When your music is put in front of millions of veracious
teenagers loyal to their favorite artists, be prepared for some serious momentum.
You could just be one video away from being the next Lil Nas X.
Here’s the issue.
You’re already busy enough as it is. Juggling between your day job, booking gigs, managing your social media (we feel you).
Sourcing for the right influencers take days.
Coordinating and negotiating with them take weeks.
Executing the entire campaign successfully take months.
When you try to outsource it to a marketing agency, they won’t work with budgets below $5,000 (and they charge an exorbitant amount of money for it!)
Not with MRE!!
This is how we’ll help you grow.
We have a network of influential creators who we’ve developed close connections with. From pranksters, to comedy performers, dancers, YouTubers, and athletes, we have the infrastructure to design a perfect strategy.
We are partnered with ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company), and have access to the latest market data and demographic insights to optimise your campaign.
We understand the importance of rolling your campaign out quickly.
And we have the track record of securing incredible results for our artists.
We will take a listen to your song, identify the right creators, and coordinate with them.
Proposed ideas, payment rates, post dates – we take care of everything.
  • INCREDIBLE REACH – No other platform gives you the opportunity to present your music to such a loyal, highly-engaged audience.
  • COMPOUND INTEREST – When creators post your music, the process doesn’t stop there. Their followers will create more content with your song, furthering your reach exponentially.
  • ORGANIC VIRALITY – Our creators are popular, and their content often end up on the For You page (equivalent to Instagram’s Discover page). More people will hear you, and more users will create content around your content.
  • PROGRESS TRACKING – A customised dashboard will be setup for you to track our progress. Learn first-hand which influencers we are using, see their draft videos, and view end-of-campaign results.
For all pre-sale questions, please HIT us on live chat. Or FacebookInstagram . No agency out there provides such a premium service at such a low price. We know the value we provide and we have the clientele to prove it.
When you get on board with us, you’re paying for certainty. You’re paying for results.
Remember, you can be just one TikTok video away from being the next Lil Nas X.
Do it once, and do it right with Dotted Oranges.
Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, we guarantee results. Should we fail to deliver on our promise, rest assured, you will receive a 100% refund.
Campaigns take anywhere from 2 weeks, to 6 months, depending on the campaign purchased.
If your song isn’t on the TikTok store, we will work with you to get your song on it.

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